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Expert Advice

  • Is Vegan Diet Safe During Breastfeeding

      If you have decided to extensively breastfeed your baby, then you need to be aware of what you are eating. You can breastfeed and follow a vegan...
  • 5 natural ways to lighten skin and reduce dark spots

      Not everyone is lucky to have clean and clear skin! Some of us have dark spots on the face, neck, or elsewhere on the body, which can be very e...
  • How Can New Moms Increase Their Metabolism?

      Breastfeeding your little one is the perfect bonding time between a new mom and her child. Though from an outer appearance, it may look easy, br...
  • Tips for Hair Care You Must Follow Post-Monsoon

    Post-monsoon ,our hair often feels dull and frizzy. Excessive moisture in the environment during monsoon makes our hair brittle and frizzy causing  hair fall. Here's a list of hair care tips to follow post-monsoon to achieve gorgeous hair that you truly deserve!
  • Boost Weight Loss By Knowing Your BMR

    If you want to lose body fat, maintain your weight or gain weight an important metric you should know about is Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). It can help determine what number of calories you should be eating in order to meet your goals. Let's dive into this article and find out how to calculate BMR.
  • 5 Benefits of biotin for hair

    Does your hair look dry and dull no matter what high end product you use? Is your skin feeling dry and dull? If so, it is very likely that your body needs the proper nourishment to heal.  Biotin or Vitamin B7 improves hair health and gives you glowing and healthy looking skin with alot more health benefits. Read the article to find out more.
  • How To Get Rid of Acne Scars

    There is nothing that irritates us more  than waking up to a new breakout. Trying to get rid of the scars that acne left behind is a whole new struggle! Let's find out how to get rid of acne scars and give your self-esteem a boost.
  • 7 ways to get glowing skin

    A glowing and vibrant skin is on top of every girl's wish list! These 7 beauty tips will have you glowing brighter than ever in no time!
  • How effective are Vitamin E capsules for skin whitening?

    Vitamin E capsules make your skin firm and glowing and improves pigmentation and unever skin tone. Here are a few ways you can use Vitamin E capsules to reap its maximum benefits:
  • 6 Ways To Prevent Fungal Infections On The Skin

    Fungal infections are notoriously difficult to get rid of and can be very embarassing as well. Whether you're trying to clear up a fungal infection or hoping to avoid getting one, the following  ways can help .
  • 5 Home Remedies for Sunburn

    When you're out having fun on a lovely summer day, having a sunburn can ruin a vacation, especially if you’ve planned lots of outdoor activities.  Here's a list of 5 home remedies that help wrangle a sunburn and minimize the suffering.
  • What are good skin vitamins

    “Aapki Twacha se Aapki Umar Ka Pata hi Nahi Chalta,” is one statement that every woman wants to hear. But what can we do to get the glowing skin every woman dreams of? Read this article to find out more.